Maharaja Ranjit Singh College
of Professional Sciences, Indore

Affiliated to DAVV Indore & RGPV Bhopal | NAAC Accredited B++(2.99)

Code of Conduct for teachers

Teachers hold a special position in the community in carving the future of nation. Teachers have a very important role in inculcating the moral values in young generation. The life style and habits of teachers have a profound impact on children, young people and peers. Teaching profession requires delivering multifaceted duties which must meet highest possible standards. This requires commitment of teachers towards their responsibilities and their urge for professional learning and technical upgradation.

  • A teacher is required to be in the College for a period of 7 hours daily as per the timings decided by the Principal/Director.
  • A teacher should be punctual in reporting time for duty hours.
  • A teacher is required to be punctual in lectures, practicals and complete the syllabus in stipulated time.
  • In regard to leaves/other facilities and working rules, teacher will be governed by the service rules and regulations of the College.
  • A teacher will continue in service and will at all times, employ himself/herself honestly, efficiently and diligently to the entire satisfaction of the management and carry out orders and instructions of the Principal/Director.
  • Prior approval in writing should be obtained before proceeding on leave. In case of illness or emergency, inform the Head of the department without undue delay.
  • Teachers must keep all records accurate and up to date.
  • The meeting of deadlines must be given priority, and thoroughness in the preparation of required documents is crucial.
  • It is expected that a teacher puts full efforts for the overall development of the students and participate in encouraging learning environment in the college.
  • A teacher should refrain from any private or public pursuits which will bring teaching profession to disrepute.
  • Teachers must avoid open confrontation of whatever nature with co-staff, students or other stakeholders.
  • Teachers should not get involved directly or indirectly in any political activity in the college campus.
  • Teachers should not make any statement in social, print or electronic media on behalf of institute without the permission of authorities.
  • Demonstrate high moral values and commitment for work.
  • Teachers dress code should be according to the academic standards.
  • Encourage students to respect each other, elders and the handicapped.
  • Inculcate the sense of responsibility, self discipline, manners and dignity in students.
  • Encourage students to show respect for all forms of duly constituted authority.
  • Demonstrate patriotism and appreciation of freedom with responsibility.
  • Guide students to differentiate right from wrong and justice from injustice.
  • Encourage students to show respect and appreciation for personal and public property.
  • Make students aware of the conditions which can harm their health and safety.
  • Refrain from private tuitions to the students of institution.
  • Discrimination or any comment of verbal or written nature on grounds of ability, race, colour or creed is not permissible.
  • Establish their personality as positive role models.
  • Apart from teaching assignment and duties, a teacher will also be required to undertake responsibilities in connection with the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and welfare activities of the College as assigned by college authorities.
  • In addition to normal teaching activities, you will be required to conduct special Lectures/Industrial, Institutional or Field Visits/Workshops and Social activity for the students.
  • Teachers will be required to update themselves regularly so as to impart latest and appropriate knowledge to the students. Research and self-development should be one of the areas of concern.

Yearly incentives of teachers will be based on following points, grading shall be done on the basis of milestones achieved:

  • Effective completion of theory and practical course within stipulated time
  • Conduction of CCE and pre-practical examination.
  • Coordinating a college level event for students such as:
    • Inter or Intra College Dance / Music / Drama /Painting / Collage making / Clay modelling / Rangoli / Debate / Competition etc.
    • Conduction of Industrial or Institutional Visits / Guest Lectures / Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Educational Tours etc.
  • Self updgradation:
    • Publication of research papers, books or book chapters in journals and magazines
    • Participation in Conference / Workshop / Seminar / Refresher course / Orientation Course.
    • Presentation of research work in conferences
    • Collaboration with industries or institutes
    • Conduction of certificate courses
    • Participation and representation of college at International, National and State level academic and extra-curricular competitions.
    • Winning awards shall be additionally acknowledged.