Maharaja Ranjit Singh College
of Professional Sciences, Indore

Affiliated to DAVV Indore & RGPV Bhopal | NAAC Accredited B++(2.99)

Research Activities

Knowledge is like a stream-originated through actual research, flowing through the terrain of ignorance, nurturing the trees of wisdom, bearing the fruits of rewards for mankind. Rigorous experimentation, methodical research and incessant endurance leads to the creation of real knowledge.

The knowledge creation facilities in MRSC includes- well equipped research labs, library resources, research projects sponsored by MPCST, national and international research conferences, student projects and paper & poster presentations at national and international level by staff and students. Some of important landmarks in research at MRSC are-

  • MRSC hosted an International Symposium on Research of Basic Sciences- “Expanding Horizons in Sciences” in February 2011 and 1st International Science Congress in December 2011. Both the conferences were led by Dr. Anjani Phadnis and Dr. Deepak Sharma, Professors, Dept. of Chemistry of our college. The scientific conclave witnessed over 1200 delegates from different parts of the world who showcased their research out comings in the scientific sessions. The intellectual meet was addressed by leading scientist from around the globe including Bhatnagar Awardee. This project has been successfully completed.
  • Seminar on Bionanotechnology was organized in July to discuss and understand better the breakthroughs and developments in Bionanotechnology. This project has been successfully completed.
  • A workshop for teachers on “Plant Tissue Culture Lab Practices Made Easy” funded by MPCST was conducted to popularize the elite technique using economical practices. Director Biotechnology Centre JNK UV, Jabalpur Dr. Sharad Tiwari was the subject expert. Dr. Monica Jain, Head, Dept. of Life sciences guided the participants to perform the PTC techniques. This project is sanctioned to Dr. Sheetal Bhasin.
  • Science Mantra workshop was organized for school students by the Dept. of Biosciences in May. The students got hands-on training in preparation of synthetic seed, bread making, enzyme profiling and other, microbiological, immunological and biotechnological experiments.

MPCST Funded Projects:

  • Modification and Polymerization of Thalocyanine macromolecule. Project was sanctioned by MPCST to Dr. Anjani Phadnis, Dr. Deepak Sharma, Dr. N.K. Jain.
  • In-vitro methods for enhanced production of secondary metabolites from Bacopa monnieri. Project is sanctioned to Dr. Monika Jain.