Maharaja Ranjit Singh College
of Professional Sciences, Indore

Affiliated to DAVV Indore & RGPV Bhopal | NAAC Accredited B++(2.99)

Course: BCom

Commerce is perhaps theoldest stream of knowledge known and developed by mankind. With the steadymarch of civilization, the human intellect has devised newer ways to cater tothe markets and this has brought about a total transformation of the marketplace.

The word 'Market' todayis a complex place, encompassing the larger portion of the inhabited planet,requiring deep knowledge to understand the intricacies and navigate to success.

The Commerce stream isone of the most popular routes taken by aspiring managers, financiers,businessmen and entrepreneur as it prepares


Our mission is to createan ambience in which new ideas and creativity flourish. Our efforts intend :
To develop job oriented talents

To help secureindustry based project work

To offer guidance forhigher studies

To develop life skills

To foster faithamongst students in human values Extra-curricular activities are also treatedwith


Commerce is a veryversatile subject, it opens up many doors of opportunities in the corporateworlds. A Commerce graduate can opt. for CA / CS / CWA & MBAs in variousstreams. Trade and commerce of India is garnered by stock market, Taxation dept,Credit rating Agencies, banking sector all these fields have burgeoned out ofcommerce stream, students can also be consultants in finance sector, insurance,financial.

Various opportunitiesin the corporate world


MBA in different streams

Entrepreneurs indifferent innovative activities

Career in stock market

Consultant in finance,cost and insurance

Executive in bank /financial institution / insurance

Tax consultant

Opportunities inbanking sector as a probationary officer, special officer